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About Ver-Tech Labs

Ver-tech Labs has dedicated professionals with over 250 combined years of experience in the car wash industry. They sell some of the best car wash solutions, soaps, waxes and detergents. These individuals work with our business partners in the field to solve cleaning and drying problems, make recommendations about equipment, and keep you apprised of the latest trends in the car wash industry.

Located in Rockford, Minnesota, our 72,000 square feet facility houses a variety of liquid mixing tanks, powder blenders and nine shipping and receiving docks. We deliver high quality chemicals and solutions throughout the continental United States. We are committed to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes by carefully selecting raw materials, waste water reduction, chemical recycling and container recycling.

If you are passionate about producing Cleaner, Brighter and Better Cars, Ver-tech Labs is the right choice as your car wash chemicals provider.

“…I am thankful for the relationship I have with Ver-tech and for the personal touch of Dan, our VTL representative. He is a huge part of our success and has been instrumental in helping us….”

~ Tom NebelsilkRandolph Car WashLincoln, NE

“I have seen a complete transformation in my car wash. Cars are coming out cleaner than ever before…and have a shine to them that is unmatched in my market. I have never used such high quality, high performing set of chemicals that rinse so clean. They really give me a HUGE competitive advantage that is leaving my competitor wondering how we do it.”

~ Allen UsherOwner/CEO, Kermit’s Super Wash

“We are profoundly grateful for the help and advice we have received from the Ver-tech Labs team. Their expertise and experience have helped our flex service car wash reach a new level of service for our rapidly growing customer base. Ver-tech has taken a vested interested in making our company more efficient and ensuring that we are using the best possible chemical products for our wash. They are much more than a vendor — they are genuine business partners and friends. “

~ Andy DavisPresident, Mojo’s Full Service Car WashOmaha, Nebraska
6801 Bleck Dr., Rockford, MN 55373
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