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At Ver-tech Labs we take pride in the success of our customers. We manufacture a full line of chemical cleaners and polishes for cleaning/washing cars. Our product line includes
We also have specialty products like glass cleaner, wall and equipment cleaner, laundry soap, interior detergents and detail products. We have the best products for all types of car washes – tunnel, in-bay automatic and self-serve.
From the routine to the toughest cleaning challenges, Ver-tech Labs has a cleaning solution for you!
It may be an old fashioned approach to car washing, but the Ver-tech Labs combination of next generation, best car wash soaps and chemicals and an experienced, professional sales force produces cars with the “WOW” factor. Choose a chemical supplier who is interested in your success, and clean better at the right price. Choose Ver-tech Labs.

All of our


Tru Pearl®Products

  • TRU100 Tru Pearl® Clean – advanced cleaner
  • TRU300 Tru Pearl® Shield – all surface protectant
  • TRU200 Tru Pearl® Dry – drying agent

Safe, Simple Concentrates

  • SSC100 – low pH presoak
  • SSC150 – low pH presoak
  • SSC200 – high pH presoak
  • SSC400 – wheel cleaner
  • SSC500 – foam detergent
  • SSC510 – Tru Pearl® Clean 2X
  • SSC600 – triple foam polish
  • SSC700 – Tru Pearl® Shield 2X
  • SSC800 – Tru Pearl® Dry 2X

Additional Ver-Tech Labs Products

  • EXT460 Golden Knight – high pH presoak
  • EXT432 Black Knight – high pH presoak
  • THU100 Thunderbolt – high pH presoak
  • EXT293 Berry Burst – neutral pH foaming fragrance and detergent
  • EXT291 Jolt – foam detergent
  • EXT429 Foamy Vision – foam detergent
  • EXT450 Salt Shield – salt neutralizer
  • EXT425 Snap Shield – all surface protectant
  • EXT600 Magma Shine Plus – all surface protectant
  • EXT470 Lightning – low pH presoak
  • EXT430 Vision – low pH presoak
  • EXT428 Double Vision – low pH presoak
  • EXT167 Snap Coat – triple foam
  • EXT165 Luxe Polish – triple foam
  • EXT143 Repel Triple foam – triple foam
  • EXT138 Wheel Blaster – wheel cleaner
  • EXT147 Bone Dry – drying agent
  • EXT150 Quick Dry – drying agent

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