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At Ver-tech Labs we take pride in the success of our customers. We manufacture a full line of chemical cleaners and polishes for cleaning/washing cars.

We have the best products for all types of car washes – tunnel, in-bay automatic and self-serve. From the routine to the toughest cleaning challenges, Ver-tech Labs has a cleaning solution for you!

It may be an old fashioned approach to car washing, but the Ver-tech Labs combination of next generation, best car wash soaps and chemicals and an experienced, professional sales force produces cars with the “WOW” factor. Choose a chemical supplier who is interested in your success, and clean better at the right price. Choose Ver-tech Labs.

All of our


Tru Pearl®Products with Ceramic Technology

  • TRU100 Tru Pearl® Clean – advanced cleaner
  • TRU300 Tru Pearl® Shield – all surface protectant
  • TRU200 Tru Pearl® Dry – drying agent
  • TRU 400 Tru Pearl®  High Foam – foaming detergent

Safe, Simple Concentrates

  • SSC050 – prep gun soap
  • SSC100 – low pH presoak
  • SSC150 – low pH presoak
  • SSC200 – high pH presoak
  • SSC 300 – alkaline booster
  • SSC400 – wheel cleaner
  • SSC500 – foam detergent
  • SSC 520 – foaming fragrance
  • SSC510 – Tru Pearl® Clean 2X
  • SSC600 – triple foam polish
  • SSC700 – Tru Pearl® Shield 2X
  • SSC800 – Tru Pearl® Dry 2X

Additional Ver-Tech Labs Products

  • EXT460 Golden Knight – high pH presoak
  • EXT432 Black Knight – high pH presoak
  • THU100 Thunderbolt – high pH presoak
  • EXT293 Berry Burst – neutral pH foaming fragrance and detergent
  • EXT291 Jolt – foam detergent
  • EXT429 Foamy Vision – foam detergent
  • EXT450 Salt Shield – salt neutralizer
  • EXT425 Snap Shield – all surface protectant
  • EXT600 Magma Shine Plus – all surface protectant
  • EXT470 Lightning – low pH presoak
  • EXT430 Vision – low pH presoak
  • EXT428 Double Vision – low pH presoak
  • EXT167 Snap Coat – triple foam
  • EXT165 Luxe Polish – triple foam
  • EXT143 Repel Triple foam – triple foam
  • EXT138 Wheel Blaster – wheel cleaner
  • EXT147 Bone Dry – drying agent
  • EXT150 Quick Dry – drying agent

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